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Whether your Fire Alarm needs Replacement or a Repair?

Fire alarm systems are the first line of defense against any fire incident inside a building. Fire alarm systems are needed to be repaired and replaced at a certain amount of time. Ignoring the authenticity of the condition of your fire alarm system can be life-threatening as well; hence it should not be ignored at any cost.

It’s important to know when your fire alarm system needs a replacement and when it requires a repair. To know more about the maintenance routines, read the points below.

  • All fire alarm systems need a routine checkup after a certain period of time. Make sure that it is done after a definite cycle of time and done on a regular basis.
  • Don’t hesitate to consult an expert for the inspection of the fire alarm. Experts can tell you what is needed to be done in a situation when a fire alarm needs a repair or a replacement.
  • Some fire alarms consist of built-in indicators to indicate the need for repair or replacement. With the help of the manuals, you can determine whether the part can be repaired or it’s beyond repair. Always consult an expert before making a replacement order to save time and money.
  • Installation of the fire alarm system is modular in most of the cases; hence a single part of the system can be replaced if required without affecting the whole system.
  • Look for any kind of damage in the control panel and sensors. Damage can be physical as well as in form of software malfunction which can cause false alarms in the building.
  • Check the sprinkler system for the possible leakage. Sprinklers are used to extinguish an initial fire inside the building. Leakage can malfunction the working of sprinklers when they are required the most.
  • Check whether the bell or the alarm is giving the wrong indications or have delayed functioning in case of a fire situation. It can be dangerous if the alarm gets delayed in case of fire.

Check the following for repair and replacement if required –

     >> Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP).

     >> Backup Power Supply.

     >> Remote Control and Display Panels.

     >> Sprinklers and Pipes.

     >> The Alarm.

After reading the above points, a user can easily determine what is needed in order to fix the issues related to the fire alarms. Involvement of an expert is advised. For you can consult DSC Security Alarm for more details.

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