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PowerSeries NEO by DSC for an Advanced and Powerful Security

With a constantly increasing crime rate there rides a need for better security which leads to the induction of new, advanced and powerful security systems in the market. There are numerous companies that launch their new products every now and then but not all of them are as capable as the requirement of the current scenario. 

Here is an in-depth analysis of the PowerSeries NEO by DSC:

The innovation in approach

What makes the PowerSeries NEO one of the best security systems in the market is its hybrid mechanism that works by combining both, the rigidity and speed of a wired security system and the reliability of a wide range security system.

This new security system houses the high-end capabilities of PowerG that ensures the maximum battery life out of every single component. Along with this great battery life, there is also this enhanced software experience and a very innovative algorithm of alarms.

Revolutionary technological approach

The PowerSeries NEO system is tailored in such a way to provide the best results according to your needs that is made possible by the making the system flexible in terms of installation which means you can add more components in the system according to your need. The design is such house a complete line of expansion module to enhance the overall installation and to assure growth in the future while protecting the investment.

New age software management

The PowerSeries NEO is powered by new and refined software that focuses on increasing the efficiency by saving the time of security professionals that result in a decrement of cost. The software package contains required elements like DLS5 Download Software, Routine System Management for Remote Diagnostics, Inspections and Maintenance, and WebSA System Administrator Software for overall improved functionality.

Reduced number of false alarm and an innovative alarm verification solution

PowerSeries NEO is different from other alarm systems when it comes to the aspect of alarm verification, it uses innovative ways to cope up with false alarms and these methods includes two-way audio verification, sequential detection, and video authentication.

All this, when combined together, results in a considerable decrement in the cost incurred by false alarms. The software also helps in the precise external evaluation for ongoing situations like an attempt of intrusion etc. This external evaluation saves the cost and time of other checks and professional surveys etc.

Overall Peace of Mind

The last and the most important thing is the connectivity of the alarm system with the owner, the PowerSeries NEO thing offers the traditional ways of connectivity along with some new ways. Moreover, the PowerSeries NEO ensures a secure connection along with great speed to stop any mishappening from taking place. The dialers of PowerSeries NEO can be easily connected to mobile phones which can be trusted and also be used for primary backup.

Product range PowerSeries NEO offers a wide range of components along with the support of PowerG. The devices are also pet-friendly that ensures the durability of the system.



  • 1x DSC NEO Alarm panel
  • 1x DSC NEO wireless keypad
  • 1x DSC NEO wireless Receiver
  • 3x DSC NEO wireless infrared detectors
  • 1x DSC NEO Wireless Door switch
  • 2x DSC NEO two way 4 buttons remote control
  • 1x DSC NEO wireless external siren with blue flashing light
  • 1x Back up battery
  • 1x Power supply

Installed with 2 year warranty $1750 inc GST
Promotion pay only  $1500  inc GST

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