Here's some of the questions we're frequently asked about DSC security products and our service. If you have a question not answered on this page, then call us on 1300 1234 80 or contact us.

Q: I have an electronic intruder alarm. Why should I have it monitored?

There are four main advantages of having back-to-base monitoring with your security system.

  • 24-hour protection
    When you have a monitored system in place, you have 24-hour protection delivered by security experts. DSC Security Products Australia has qualified security staff maintain a constant watch over your security, and respond to every alarm. You can't always rely on that trusted neighbour being at home.
  • Assistance from security professionals
    Having a monitored system is the best way to manage risk. Would you put your family or neighbour at risk? Our guards are professionals and are equipped with safety and communication devices. They are experts at assessing risk and will call for backup if the situation looks risky.
  • More comprehensive protection
    There are a number of ways an experienced burglar can disable a siren or an alarm. Monitoring adds a further dimension to your overall security strategy.
  • Ensure reliability in your security system
    Finally, monitoring will improve reliability and ensure less downtime should a fault occur. If we monitor your alarm we are also monitoring its maintenance signals. We can then call you and inform you if you need to take any action.

    In the event your alarm does develop a fault we are able to call up its activation history from our monitoring software. This will often give us the information to make a more accurate diagnosis of the problem.

    Q: You monitor our alarm. Do we need to phone you when we go on holiday?

    No, but we recommend you do and we will attach a "temporary note" to your monitoring file with the dates you are away and any special instructions. If your plans change, then please call so we are kept aware of security requirements.

    Q: What happens if the power goes off?

    A backup battery ensures that a power cut will not negatively affect your security system. Depending on the model of your alarm, a "trouble" light may come on at your keypad. Provided the power cut is less than 8 hours and your batteries are less than 3 years old (routine servicing is essential) then no problems should occur. If there is a problem with the backup battery, then most DSC security products have alert alarms from the keypad.

    Q: How often should I have my alarm serviced?

    For a residential DSC security alarm we strongly recommend an annual service. For commercial and industrial DSC alarms, due to the greater complexity and a greater degree of risk, your insurer will usually insist on a service every six months.

    Q: What should I do if I accidently trigger a back-to-base DSC alarm?

    If you telephone the back-to-base monitoring station and quote your monitoring code (password). Nothing further will happen and you will not get billed. If we dispatched a guard, you usually will not be charged if we are able to stand them down in the first few minutes.

    Q: Is there additional costs for alarm response?

    If a guard is dispatched, then it will incur additional cost.