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Alarm Repair & Installation

If your DSC alarms suffer problems, then you want it fixed quickly and effectively.  You only want the best working on your DSC security system, because when you need it fixed you need it done right.  Common reasons why DSC alarms need servicing include;

  • Lost user or master code
  • Physical damage to sensors or products
  • Beeping smoke detectors and/or keypad indicate that your system requires servicing.
  • Low battery condition
  • Power supply faulty
  • Tamper alarm- one security device tamper switch is playing up – lots of false alarms
  • Additional sensors to existing system
  • Cable damage, most commonly due to renovation, pest damage. 
  • A damaged cable can affect the alarm in various ways, such as the alarm not sounding or no signal to the back-to-base monitoring station.

DSC Security Products Australia is the first choice for DSC alarm repair in Sydney.

Contact us if you need a fully qualified technician to repair your DSC security product.


“I have a DSC system installed, so what’s next?”  If your DSC alarm is not supported with back-to-base monitoring, then you are not getting the most from your security system.  DSC Security Products Australia gives you all the support you need, including maintenance and regular servicing.

Back-to-base monitoring is our bread and butter, because we have the support crew you can trust. You want to be confident that trained security experts who can access risk and take action quickly are monitoring your system.

If you need more information about your DSC security product you can download your DSC manuals right here.  It’s just another way DSC Security Products Australia helps deliver the very best support to you.

Contact us if you need fully qualified professionals supporting your DSC security products.


Installing your DSC alarms correctly is important to avoid any ongoing issues, such as excessive false alarms.  DCS Security Products Australia has technicians who know the ins and outs of your system.  They know what works and what doesn’t when installing your product.

Contact us if you need a fully qualified technician to Install your DSC security product.

Our service goals

We are committed to complete customer satisfaction through a prompt service delivered by fully trained and certified technicians.  Our technicians have complete understanding of all DSC security products.  Also our back-to-base support teams are trained and certified security guard.